Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Lake Series

 Yet, another lake painting, made while sitting on the pier Foster Beach on an overcast day.  From that vantage point one can see the succession of light houses at Foster Beach and Montrose Point as well as the distant skyline. 
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Garden Update

With the garden season nearing its end, I've been evaluating my first year of backyard gardening.  The tomatoes have been the most successful of the garden produce this year.  I've also been particularly taken with the purple beans, a vine plant which has woven it's way around the other plants in the garden. the vines reaching nearly ten feet from the origin of plant. 
The garden has been an ideal setting for many summer dinners, it has provided me with many hours of quiet reflection as I water and tend the plants each evening, and it has made feel more connected with this small bit of land and the place I call home.
I already find myself making plans for the upcoming garden season.  I hope to get an earlier start, try some new vegetables, and improve my tomato staking system.  I always feel a nostalgia at this time of year for winter.  It is a season which highlights the cozy comfort of a warm home.  This year a component of those winter months will be day dreams of the garden season to come and paging through seed catalogs. 
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