Monday, September 21, 2009

16. Farias House

This image is the childhood home of my Peruvian friend, Carlos. I had the pleasure of visiting the Farias home soon after my friend Beth married Carlos, in 2005. It was a delight to visit Lima, explore Barranco (the neighborhood where the Farias family lives), and especially to experience the generous hospitality of the whole Farias clan. Now, about four years later, Beth and Carlos are expecting their first baby. Several months ago, Beth told me that they are planning to paint the baby's room the same color yellow as Carlos's Peruvian home. Also, they plan to paint a blue and white "Liliana" (the baby's name) over the door, just as Carlos's great-grandfather painted his wife's name, "Victoria," over the door to his home. This inspired me to make this painting for Lily, my future Goddaughter. I wanted her to always have a special image of her Peruvian home. In making this painting, I found myself challenged to make an architectural rendering feel "nursery-appropriate." I tried to accomplish this with some whimsical clouds, blue skies, and playful colors.
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  1. Such clouds are perfect for conjuring up animals. And then I think of all the other shy clouds that hurried out the frame so as not to be captured in curlers and such.