Monday, January 4, 2010

23. Tribune Tower

This painting is to be donated to Inspiration Corporation's "One Inspired Evening" Art Auction. Inspiration Corporation is one of my favorite organizations to support. On their website, they describe their organization as follows: Through its supportive services, employment, and housing programs, Inspiration Corporation assists more than 3,000 individuals and families affected by homelessness and poverty each year - serving as a catalyst for self-reliance.

I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering each Wednesday morning at Inspiration Cafe. I help provide restaurant style service, taking drink and meal orders at the table and delivering them to the table. I love the simplicity of showing respect by serving a meal in a dignified way. I love the opportunity to gradually come to know the guests in serving them each week. I love the glimpses I get into the lives of those I serve: Each week Roy offers me perhaps the most enthusiastic greetings I have ever received. Steven always has coffee, orange juice with a little ice, extra napkins and a straw. Warren composes and plays songs on the piano. Gayle has two daughters, is often reading spiritual texts and tell jokes he writes himself.

It is with great pleasure that I donate this painting to one of Inspiration Corporation's annual fundraising events. I enjoyed painting this image of the Tribune Tower. Just a few months ago, I painted another image of the Tribune Tower. Comparison of those two paintings makes the dynamic nature of light and its power to transform a composition quite evident.

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