Monday, April 16, 2012

Western Avenue Series

Mile 21: Montrose-Foster
This painting is a part of my Western Avenue Series, through which I'll be making 24 watercolor paintings, one to document each mile of Western Avenue, in Chicago.  I started this project because while it is not considered to be among the most “beautiful” of Chicago’s streets, Western Avenue is a perfect place to document the humanness of Chicago, the positive and the negative. In the words of Stuart Dybek, "Western, with apologies to State Street, is a great street,  Unlike State, it is a street that goes to the interior, the heart of the city,  as it glides and glows through a United Nations of neighborhoods."  Check back next Monday to see a post about the next mile of Western.
By coincidence, I visited the Dank Haus for the first time last Friday.  The Dank Haus building is located just south of Lawrence on Western.  I attended a rehearsal dinner held in the Skyline Lounge on the 6th floor of the building, which has a lovely view from an outdoor patio from which one can see all the way to downtown Chicago.

The DANK Haus was founded in 1959, as an organization to promote German language in Culture.  It is located in Lincoln Square, a historically German neighborhood and home to a number of German bars, restaurants, and butchers and is home to a museum, art gallery, library, and language school.

The building was built in 1927 by architect Paul Gerhardt, who was also the architect of Lane Technical High School located just a bit south of the Dank Haus on Western.  The Dank Haus website explains that the building was built for the "Three Links Association, a jolly fellows club."  Over the years, the Dank Haus has been host to a spa, a business college, a restaurant, a hotel and a cafe.  There is an Olympic sized lap pool in the lower level.

Have you visited the Dank Haus?
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