Friday, November 11, 2011

Featured Artist

Cindy Ruprecht
Cindy Ruprecht's inspiration comes from nature. All of her pieces reflect her love for the beauty of the natural world. As a studying naturalist, she enjoys painting, working with leather, beads, basketry, primitive skills of any kind, and studying native plants. She lives in the beautiful Cascade Mountains where she produces her artwork.

Are there places you would like to visit to gather inspiration for future work?
I would love to paint in the southwest....the beautiful color of the rocks and amazing blue and turquoise of the sky.

Does working with leather, beads, and basketry influence your painting work or vice versa?
I love the texture and richness of working with leather, beads, plant and animal fibers. There is a connection with the ancient ones, while doing this, and your spirit begins to remember.  In my paintings, I love to focus on mother nature's creation as a forum for education. As a naturalist, art is a means to educate people on their surroundings and bring their awareness to the beauty around them. 

What do you love about creating art, which reflects the beauty of the natural world?
I like to meld the art, spirit and nature in my paintings, as there is no separating these three. One supports the other. The spirit of nature is so important for people to connect with in these times, especially children....We need to get our children connecting with the earth again.

Many thanks to Cindy for sharing her work!

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