Friday, May 18, 2012

A Love Letter to Postcards

I'm smitten with postcards!  I have a nostalgic attachment to hand-written, postal mail.  I seem to inevitably find the images which adorn postcards interesting, whether its a piece of artwork or a souvenir postcard for a tourist destination.  I have a small collection of postcards, including some sent to my Grandfather in the early part of the 20th century, which I treasure.
I am also interested in the opportunity that the postcards offer to make owning art portable and accessible to virtually anyone.  Postcards can be thought of very affordable art prints and can allow for one person to own a full collection of a series of related artworks.  It was these interests which inspired me to create postcards for each painting in "At the Heart of the City: Western Avenue in 24 Painting."  
There are 24 postcards in total, each of which features a portion of one painting in the series.  I will be selling the postcards as sets, which feature all the paintings in the series {$30}.  I will also be selling individual postcards, so you can pick out a few of your favorites {$2 each or 10 for $15}.  The postcards can be purchased at the exhibit reception this Saturday, May 19 from 7-9PM at the Beverly Art Center or, at an Etsy shop featuring my Western Avenue work found here.  $10 of every postcards set purchase will be donated to Inspiration Corporation, stay tuned for a love letter to Inspiration Corporation.  

Are you fond of postcards?
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