Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Mom!

      As is the experience of many other artists, my interest in drawing and making things began as a child.  And, I feel lucky to that my interest in visual design was encouraged and supported by my Mom is trained as a graphic design and a fantastically creative person.  In my childhood, my Mom undertook many, many creative pursuits, including the design of many beautiful cards and invitations, working as a volunteer to assist students in designing the yearbooks at our school, creating stunningly beautiful signage for our pre-school, knitting, weaving, and quilting.  
     In addition to the all the projects she undertook, she taught my sister a lot about design and craft.  I'm sure that it was those early lessons which sparked my interest in drawing and painting, which remains strong today.  For that, I am tremendously grateful.  

     In her current work, my Mom employs her graphic design skills and on my birthday I almost always receive a card, which she has custom designed.  After I began selling paintings and invitations on Etsy a few years ago, it struck me that Etsy might also be a good place for my Mom to sell her beautifully designed cards.  So, for Christmas this year, I have printed a run of one of her hand drawn birthday cards and opened an Etsy shop for her.  I hope that she will enjoy the opportunity to share some of her design work with a larger audience and that she will consider creating additional designs for her shop in the future.  Visit her new shop, Papel y Lapiz on Etsy!  
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  1. Jane, this is so thoughtful! I love your mom's drawing style and enjoyed hearing about how she influenced your creative pursuits.