Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I was recently inspired, by a friend's blog post on generosity. Considering the nature of generosity made me curious about how I would go about representing the idea of generosity visually.  There is something that can feel a bit counterintuitive about giving, perhaps there is a moment that feels as though something is being taken away from us, a void where what we have given away once was.  Perhaps it is as though generosity responds to the same properties as govern the principle of mass conservation, which implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space.  When we give there is a rearrangement that happens, something is taken away from us, but there is also a space that is opened inside of us.  We are made open and able to receive in new ways.  We are changed in some way, we are renewed and remade by the process of letting something go and letting in something new.  
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  1. Love it, Jane! reminds me of a quote I read recently about love: "I could love everybody in this room if I had an opportunity to know you, with equal intensity, and I still would have the same amount of love and same potential to love that I have right at this moment. I will have lost nothing." Maybe not an identical thought, but some things don't become less by sharing!