Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fonda, Iowa

I spent five days this week in west central Iowa, for a family reunion. We were visiting, Fonda, IA, the town where my Grandmother grew up. It is a quaint town of about 600 residents. My grandmother, Bernadine often told us stories of Fonda. She moved away from Iowa as a teenager, after her father's death, and lived in Southern California by the time I knew her. Stories of the pit where they would swim, the Linnan family house with a beautiful porch, and life in small town Iowa came to life with the assistance of my Grandmother's garrulous nature! It was lovely to visit and paint this church in Fonda. The stillness and quiet of Fonda were a delightful retreat for a city-dweller.
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  1. My church! What a beautiful painting! I would love to have this!