Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Commissioned Work

This is a recently completed commissioned painting. The image is a beautiful old home in Detroit with a generous garden lot adjacent. I am soon to undertake another commissioned work--a stylized portrait of a recently married couple.

If you have ever wanted a commissioned painting of your house, favorite beach, dog, etc., I would be delighted to discuss your project. My preference is to price commissioned paintings based on a "hourly sliding scale." I consider my time to be among my most valuable assets, so I price paintings based on the number of hours they took to complete. I ask the purchaser to pay me for that number of hours based on their hourly salary. This allows me to compensated for my time at a rate equivalent to the value the purchaser assigns to their own time.
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  1. Love your style. Great drawing. Please visit my blog - http://cristinajaco.blogspot.com and feel free to comment.