Friday, September 16, 2011

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Jaime Perry
Jaime Perry is a 35 year old mom and artist. Jaime specialises in oils; portraits, landscapes, still lives and ACEOs. She many painting styles; surrealism, realism, & impressionism are my favorites. She can also do modern, abstract, and will create custom paintings.
What interests you about the ACEO (Art Cards) format?
I have only recently discovered the ACEO world. It allowed me to go through some smaller work from numerous sketch pads and get those out there. Before I offered Aceos in my shop, I had mostly very expensive large oil paintings. This left me open to only a small market of buyers, and very few sales. The Aceo format allows me to open up to collectors who can't afford, or who don't have room for a major art investment. I love that they are sought out and collected. I can get my work out to a much larger audience and share my talent with more people, what's not to like? I have sold 3 since I started offering them in June.
Where did you find the inspiration for your pin up girl series?
I have been on a pursuit since my teens to make a living with the talent given to me. In the summer of 2000 I started an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop, in the hopes that would be the answer to making a living from my art. As well as learning the art of tattooing, also tried my hand at designing tattoos to sell to other shops. The pin up girls were a part of that. I drew several girls, some from magazines some from my imagination, in a simple black line form. I then arranged them on a large sheet and attempted to sell the whole piece of flash. The original stayed in my portfolio for years. When I discovered Aceos, I decided to give my girls a new start. I cut them down to the proper size and mounted them on card stock. I have always loved the old pin up girl style, and I enjoyed drawing them very much.
Are there are particular themes or mediums you'd like to explore in future work?
I am always trying new things and keeping my mind open to new styles. I don't want to be stuck in an artistic box. I have always loved sculpture and pottery. I will be able to pursue that avenue once my family is settled and own a home. That way I will be able to have a kiln, potters wheel, and room to work. I would also love to get a handle on watercolors. They have always been my weak point. One day I hope to conquer that medium and move on to bigger things. I will never know everything in art, but I will never stop trying to learn all that I can. I have even started to teach myself to sew. My philosophy is if it can be done by human hands, there is no reason I can't learn to do it.
Thank you much to Jaime for sharing her work.

What do you think of Jaime's paintings and drawings?
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