Friday, September 2, 2011

Featured Artist

Maggie Flatley
Maggie Flatley is a painter and a mom. She has taken art classes over the years, but only recently started the "daily painting". Painting adjusts her view of color, light and beauty in life. It transforms the simplest things into works of art and feeds the soul.
What inspired you to begin “daily painting?”
I stumbled upon the Daily Painters movement last year. I had always wanted to paint larger oils and watercolors, which is very time consuming.  As a result, months would go by where I never touched a paintbrush. It was very frustrating, until Daily Painter came along. Smaller paintings, done alla prima, (all at one time), were a great fit for me. It was a way to improve and reinvigorate the skills I had learned over the years.  You can't help but become a better painter.
Many of your paintings feature botanicals, are you an avid gardener?
No garden, sadly, just some irises, hydrangea
Are there places you day dream of traveling in order to gather inspiration for paintings?
When I win the lottery, you can find me by calling, 1-800-Tuscany!

Many thanks to Maggie for sharing her painting work here!

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  1. I love Maggie's work, especially her colour choices, and I love her answers! Artists are the best people : )