Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Manistee, MI
I have recently returned from a visit to Manistee, Michigan.  I had the pleasure of visiting the family cottage of a friend.  After a summer, which has meant a lot of running around and what has felt like constant busyness, it was a decadent pleasure to spend a weekend without any prescribed schedule.  
I was delighted to explore the shore of Lake Michigan, which feels vast and pristine on the Michigan side of the lake, to read, to linger over puzzles, and to eat lots of delectable things.
I also made some sketches while I was there.  I was most disappointed to find that I had forgotten my paint brushes and couldn't add color to the sketches, so the color was applied when I returned from the trip.  
It was nice to linger once again in the green-blues of the lake, the light crisp blue of the sky and the rich greens of the foliage.  
A lovely weekend and a lovely place to paint.  

What are you favorite spots along Lake Michigan? 
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