Friday, August 5, 2011

Featured Artist

Mallory Milke
Mallory Milke is an artist located in the great city of Seattle. She is super passionate about art and painting especially.  She works in a variety of styles, but loves bright colors and animals the most.  She adds a slightly whimsical feeling to owls, lions, lemurs and any other creatures that tickles her fancy.
Please share a bit about the inspiration behind your re-imagined tale series.
My take on the old fairy tales and movies I loved in my childhood and want to bring into adulthood. I love to imagine what classic stories would look like if I were to take a photograph of an instance. What would these instances look like if the characters with in them were real and alive?

Your portraits are beautiful and haunting.  What will inspire the remainder of the portraits in the series?
I have a obsession with Dia de los Muertos, The thought of celebrating spirits that have past on but are not forgotten. The beauty of remembering and honoring loved ones that are gone.  Not dwelling on a loss, but creating something beautiful and colorful. They take death from something so morbid and transform it into something wonderful. I try to capture this feeling in my portraits, bring light and color to something dark.

Is there something in particular that tickles your fancy about the animals you’ve included in your work?
I try and stray from the ordinary with my animal paintings. I like to take animals that maybe you wouldn't find in traditional art and  add a custom flare to them with bright bold colors. I like to  add realistic qualities to my paintings but keep that abstract feeling with the patterns. I start with a outline and just fill in as i go, letting the animals take shape . I like to draw my inspiration from the zoo, the exotic and wild animals you wouldn't just see walking the street of the city.

Many thanks to Mallory for sharing her imaginative paintings!

What do you think of Mallory's re-imagined fairy tails, portraits, and animal paintings?
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  1. Love her work. Very bright and different. Nice job. :)