Friday, August 12, 2011

Featured Artist

Robert Mathewson
Born in San Antonio, Texas, Robert Mathewson moved a lot because his father was in the military.  The sights he experienced in his travels inspired some of his work.  By the age of five, he already had a love for the arts.  He sketched for years before he gave painting a try, with acrylic about age ten and then oil painting age 13.  Lately he has working on values of black and white in watercolor paintings. At the age of 14, the artist hopes to be doing this the rest of his life because it is something that he absolutely enjoys doing.
Did moving and being exposed to different environments influence your artistic interests?
Yes, there are a few places that inspired my work.  My father is in the military and was stationed on the Island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.  My family went to visit him and I saw many inspiring sights including aphrodites rock, Greek ruins, and ancient mosaics.  After we were done there, we toured the rest of Europe and visited too many sights to list.  Most of my work is inspired by the sights I saw there.
Is there a particular place that inspired your series of paintings of clouds and mountains?
No, no actual places inspired me to do the clouds and mountains series.  However a recurring dream with a location simular to those inspired me to do so.
Are there new themes or mediums you anticipate exploring in your upcoming work?
In the future, I plan to do custom oil murals for people either on canvas or on buildings around the communtity to give it a more lively vibe.

I am very pleased to feature the work of a talented young artist.  Many thanks to Robert for sharing his work.

What do you think of these nature inspired paintings?
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