Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Update

It has been a hot, dry summer in Chicago, in fact in the last week we've had a record number of days over 100 degrees.  Happily though, the conditions have been right for the garden in my backyard to thrive.  I wasn't sure if the long narrow plot in my backyard (on the north side of my house) would get enough sun or if it would drain properly.  

It seems that this year of experimental gardening has been a success so far.  I have found that plot receive ample sun as the shadow cast by my apartment as the sun passes through the southern sky falls just shy of the garden plot allowing the plants to bask in sunshine throughout the day.  And, it seems that my efforts at improving the drainage in the plot with a layer of gravel and new soil have been a success creating conditions for the plants to thrive.
I can hardly believe the growth of the plants since I planted both seeds and seedlings over Memorial Day weekend.  Most everything has expanded to many times its original size and fruits are beginning to form, including peppers, radishes, lettuce and most excitingly, tomatoes.  
I look forward to the culinary adventures which await with harvest is in full swing.  In the meantime, I have built a new patio table, a simple design using sawhorse brackets, to allow for meals to be enjoyed beside the garden, with globe lights strung above.  This garden experiment has indeed resulting a deeper sense of connection with my corner of the world, producing my own food has yielded great pleasure, and I anticipate great joy in cooking meals with the garden harvest to share with friends.
I hope that your garden is thriving as well!
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