Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Lake Series

This is a painting I made about two and half weeks ago, while sitting in PFC Milton Olive Park on the Lake Michigan in Chicago.  I had to look at a map, just now, to determine the name of that park as it is a place that I have passed many dozens of times, but a park I've only ventured into a few times and the name of which I didn't know.  When looking at a map it is a thicker shorter peninsula that juts into the lake just north of Navy Pier.  I made this painting on a warm summer Friday afternoon with lots of people sunning themselves on the adjacent beach and a number of boats anchored in the bay.  The park is less heavily trafficked though and it was quite a pleasant place to sit and make this loose watercolor painting.  I'm really enjoying creating a series of watercolors of the Lake, in fact, I plan to go over to the lake in a few minutes to make a painting this evening. 

Happy 4th of July!
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