Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Lake Series

Summer is beginning to draw to a close, Labor Day seems to mark an end to the season and I return to facilitating a studio at Archeworks next week.  It has left me feeling a bit sad about the inevitable end of the warm months in Chicago.  I'm so glad that I've taken time to sit by the lake this summer and paint because winter in Chicago tends to curtail the opportunities to paint outside.  There is, of course, great delight in sitting in my studio with a hot beverage and painting while snow falls outside, but this is not the same as sitting at the lake on an early summer evening.  It was so pleasing to make this painting on an early evening in late August at Foster Street beach.  A storm had passed and the sky was changing rapidly.  I made this painting of the pier on which I have frequently run with the evening sky in the distance. 

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