Thursday, August 22, 2013

RAGBRAI Roadside Painting

As with the other painting I made on my recent RAGBRAI adventure, the context tells a bit more of the story behind this painting. It was made at a the corner of two Iowa country roads, which is populated by a handful of structures including a farmhouse and the rustic barn depicted in this painting. Typically, I imagine that on an average day that corner sees sporadic passing vehicle traffic and rarely a visitor who makes a stop. On the day I visited, though, RAGBRAI was passing through and about 30,000 cyclists journeyed through this corner. While, I made this painting the following things were happening around me: 
to my right people spread across an open yard playing frisbee,
a ceramicist stopped by to talk about art and his recent purchase of watercolor paints,
across the street long lines formed, queues for beer, pork on a stick, corn on the cob, and lemonade,
people clothed in varied forms of spandex lay on the grass talking, eating, cat napping,
a band played and people danced,
and I painted.
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