Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thank you!

Photos by Jeff Bone of recent community dinner
Thanks to your generous support I exceeded my goal of raising $1000! I delighted to report that through the donations by friends and family, I was able to gather $1,202 in donations to the Rural Studio. Not only that, the Chicago Rural Studio Alumni through a recent community dinner and other efforts have exceeded their goal of raising $20,000, with $24,445 raised so far.  If you still want to help, though, it's not too late! In order to reach the goal of building homes for eight families and the broader goal of developing a prototype for affordable housing, the Rural Studio needs to raise another $77,883. So, please consider purchasing Western Avenue Postcards or Color of Light Notecards, or make a donation at in any amount (you can purchase a 2x4 for as little as $2.50). 

Thank you again to all those who have already contributed to this effort!

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