Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar
The design for this new wedding invitation was inspired by a month spent at age eleven with my Aunt Anne and Uncle Will, in their cabin, on the St. John River, in New Brunswick, Canada. The memories of this trip have been dulled by time, but there is a definitely a certain fondness associated with that summer.  It was a visit marked by canoe trips, swimming, travel to Prince Edward Island, walks through the cemetery, going to movies, and picking wild fruits and flowers.
I have glimpses of memories of arranging collected flowers in jars on a picnic table overlooking the river.  The beautiful simplicity of flowers in a classic blue mason jar seemed a lovely image for this new invitation design.  I've paired the original watercolor painting with with elegant "mason jar blue" text.  

What are some of your best summer memories from childhood?
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