Friday, February 25, 2011

Featured Artist

Josefina Bolano
Josefina Bolano was born in Colombia 24 years ago.  She is currently a Barranquilla, Colombia based fine art photographer, graphic designer, and Christian.  Josefina initially began taking photographs while studying Fashion Design from 2005-2008.  After moving to Venezuela, she studied graphic design for two years, though much of her graphic design knowledge is self-taught.  From 2008-2010 Josefina became more involved with photography and decided to study photography at NYIP (New York Institute of Photography).  She has done graphic design work for musicians in Colombia and Venezuela, as well as local newspapers, and advertising.  Her photographs can be found in private collections.
Does your work in graphic design inform your practice of photography?
Yes, definitely, yes. It flows naturally.  I do not sketch a design before taking the photographs.  I take the photographs first, then I just start creating, sometimes I spend hours looking for pictures I took 3 or 4 years ago, and all of the sudden, an idea pops in my head,  That’s why I never delete a photo.  The photograph you see today as worthless may be worthwhile some day.

What are your favorite places to take photographs in South Florida?
For me every single place or scene is great.  Each has its own beauty, you just have to find it, and observe carefully.  But, I have to say that I love birds, powerlines and clouds,  When I think of walk to take photographs, I'm drawn to the beach or downtown.

What types of photography and/or graphic design projects do you hope to undertake in the future?
Well I have a lot of ideas, tons of ideas actually.  With Photography, I want to do fashion, weddings, portraits, and of course continue with fine art photography, because it’s my personal view--what I own.  I think that every photo I take has a little bit of me, of my personality.
With Graphic Design, I’ve always wanted to have my own studio and work on my own. I love Editorial, Travel and Advertising. Also, one of my dreams is to work for a magazine.

Thank you very much to Josefina for her work and her thoughts on photography and graphic.

What do you think of Josefina artful photographs and designs?
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