Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Invitation

This invitation and coordinating accessories are a redesign of a "tulip design" originally created last spring.  It was one of the first invitations I designed.  As, I have experimented with various layouts and font styles over the course of the last year, I became excited about the idea of revisiting the tulip watercolor I created last spring.  
The gentle curve of the tulip petal seems ideally suited to being paired with organically curving text and script with grand flourishes.  
It is a subject matter of great appeal at this time of year.  Tulips require a period of cold while they are dormant and resting between shows.  This means that they must be planted before freezing weather, in order to get a great display of colors in the spring weeks.  As a Chicagoan, it is this time of year that I began to yearn for those spring weeks.  This week brought milder temperatures to the Windy City and although I know we have several months before spring really settles over our city, it is nice to daydream of the days when tulips will bloom on my street.
What are your favorite spring blooms?
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