Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Just Married
I love the playfulness of this image of a VW Bug as a getaway jalopy for a bride and groom, featured in this new invitation design.  A few tips from The Knot about decorating a getaway mobile.
What can you use? Write on windows with bar soap or shaving cream. Attach plastic soda bottles (no sparks) or streamers to the rear bumper. You can also tie streamers to the antenna and front bumper, and attach rosettes made of streamers to the car's roof -- but don't use any tape that will pull off paint! Stick with Scotch tape, and don't be surprised if some d├ęcor flies off as the couple makes their move. To make a grand statement, you can even attach a placard to the car's rear -- just don't hide the license plate! A visit from the fuzz could mar an otherwise excellent getaway.  
One automotive decorator used white shoe polish to write messages on the getaway car's windows. He says he stuck with the traditional, "Just Married," but you can get a little more creative with, "Just Hitched," "Finally Hitched," "Tied the Knot," "Lovebirds," "Old Married Couple," or whatever strikes your fancy. You can also use bar soap or shaving cream instead of shoe polish. For a darker car, write on the body of the car itself with soap or shaving cream.  

Why Decorate?
If you've ever seen a convoy of cars drive by decorated for a wedding day, you know the commotion it causes: People honk their horns, scream congratulations out their car windows, or wave from the sidewalk. What a way to exit the wedding reception -- or even to arrive there from the ceremony! Many Latino weddings in Los Angeles feature a fleet of cars decorated with crepe paper rosettes and streamers. Take a cue from this tradition if the ceremony and reception take place at different locales -- decorate the cars before the group moves between locations. It will make the journey as fun as the reception itself.

What are your best tips for decorating the bride and groom's getaway mobile on their wedding day?
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