Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Sea Shell
I have made numerous posts of paintings of various bodies of water: Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, beached at Puerto Vallerta and the Aran Islands, and the bay in Rossaveal, Ireland.  I am frequently drawn to paint water.  
In addition to the beauty of the water and the great feeling of bathing in salt water, the humid air and the distinctly wonderful smell of the beach are hard to beat.  I love the image of a shell because as a child I loved combing the beach for treasures: shells, ocean-polished glass, and shiny rocks.  It's not surprising that so many couples choose to wed near the water.  I've revisited this shell design, experimenting with a dark background to offset the shell and champagne colored text.
Together with my starfish invitation design, I'm developing a small collection of nautically themed invitations and accessories.

What do you think of beach weddings?  
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