Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicago River

     As with many urban environments, one contributing factor to your identity in Chicago is the train line with which you associate yourself with.  One has to accept that a question like, "do you prefer the red line or the blue line" will be imbued, by some, with deeper meaning about who you are. I, myself, started my tenure in Chicago on the brown line, but have since defected to the red line.
Chicago River, watercolor on paper, 15"x10", Jane Sloss, 2010
    While I'm a devoted red line rider, I have to say that I think the brown line boasts one of the most dramatic views afforded to the El rider.  As one rides south on the brown line past merchandise mart a dramatic release occurs in traveling from a compressed space between buildings to the lightness and openness in crossing the river north of Wacker Drive.  The view depicted in this painting is slightly west of the El tracks, but dramatic none the less.  It is rather extraordinary to see the bridges in succession crossing the river in conjunction with the looming skyscrapers on either side of the river.  The water bathed in morning light adds great color and movement to the scene.

What is your favorite view from the Chicago El or your local train system?
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