Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Invitation

Cherry Blossoms
This is the second wedding invitation, to be shared in my new Wednesday series.  Each week I will feature a new invitation in my expanding collection, which can be viewed at my Etsy shop
I took this photograph of a cherry tree blossoming along Washington Place, in Baltimore, as I walked to work on a spring day in 2006.  There is always something magical about the budding and blossoming of spring trees, but I always found cherry blossoms to have a certain charm that makes than more special than the average tree specimen.  It was that enchantment that inspired me to design this wedding invitation featuring Cherry Blossoms. 
The delicate nature of the cherry blossom echoes the delicate fabrics of wedding garments, table linens, tiered cakes.  The hopefulness of new blossoms in spring seems poetically aligned with the celebration of a new union.     

Have you seen the cherry blossoms blooming in Washington D.C. or Japan? 
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