Sunday, November 21, 2010

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Taking Architectural Registration Exams
This past Tuesday, I took the seventh out of seven exams required by NCARB in order for a person to become a registered architect.  I won't find out for another few weeks whether I passed or not.  If I did (fingers crossed) it will bring me very close to completing the steps necessary in becoming an "architect."
The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards describes the process this way: "All jurisdictions require individuals to be licensed (registered) before they may call themselves architects and contract to provide architectural services. During the time between graduation and becoming licensed, architecture school graduates generally work in the field under the supervision of a licensed architect who takes legal responsibility for all work. Licensing requirements include a professional degree in architecture, a period of practical training or internship, and passing the ARE."  

It is extraordinarily exciting to be near to the end this time-consuming and expensive (each exam costs $210!) process.  For those of you who have listened patiently as I whined about what can seem an arduous process, I am very grateful. 
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