Monday, November 15, 2010

Galway, Ireland

"Foggy Galway Day," pen & ink, Jane Sloss, 2010
I spent one day during my recent visit to Ireland in Galway, the fifth largest city in the country.  It is a lovely city situated on the eastern corner of Galway bay.  The day I visited, the city had a delightfully ethereal quality about it.  A stubborn fog, along with a series of canals and channels that run through the city made it seem the perfect setting for a mystery.  I was delighted that after arriving to Galway by bus and meandering around (without map or guide), I stumbled upon the Galway City Museum (free!), a lovely pedestrian district, a grand city square, and the National University of Ireland.  After wandering for a long while, I settled on the patio of  a cafe, sipped a pot of tea and made this painting of the Galway Cathedral, which was glimpsed among the trees, across a canal from where I sat.

Stop by my public facebook page tomorrow to see some of my photos from Galway!

What is your favorite way to spend a foggy or gloomy day?
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