Friday, April 22, 2011

Featured Artist

Julie Anna 
Julie Anna is a 26 year old art kid from Detroit, who currently lives in Orange County, CA. She is a greeting card designer, photo editor, vintage turquoise obsessor, and the owner of Julie Ann Art!
What first inspired you to design a line of greeting cards?
My Etsy shop originally started out with original paintings and prints. But I really wanted to make something that could be shared between two people. I love greeting cards because they're kind of old school, and not every one uses "snail mail" anymore. I really hope people will hold on to that. In my opinion, it's so much more special than writing on a Facebook wall.
What future design projects are you excited about?
I have been putting a LOT of effort into my blog lately. I regrettably fell off that wagon and it feels so good to be inpsired to work on it again. Other than that, I am really excited to start experimenting with screen printing! I love making cards, but I'm looking to expand my designs to other mediums.
Since I just got back yesterday from my first-ever visit to Detroit, what do you think are one or two of the best places for creative types to visit in Detroit?
I love the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art). It is such a grand, gorgeous building inside and out. The last time I went there they were having an Annie Leibovitz exhibit, she's my favorite photographer.

Many thanks to Julie for sharing her work!

What do you think of Julie's creative greeting card designs designs?
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