Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Chicago Skyline
There is something so wonderful about the familiarity of the skyline in the city where you live.  When you drive into the Chicago from the south, you often find yourself winding through the industrial territory of Northwest Indiana.  There is a certain magic in that first glimpse of the Chicago skyline.  
Last fall, I rode my bike to Hyde Park (which is a neighborhood about 50 blocks south of downtown) for a meeting.  It's a nice ride because I can ride virtually all the way to Hyde Park on the lake path, which runs along Lake Michigan.  On my return trip, riding north, I was reminded of the beauty of the view of the skyline from the south side (the shoreline is on the whole a bit less developed than on the north side).  
On that day, I was particularly struck by the beauty of the Chicago skyline, which inspired me to design this invitation.  I thought this would be a lovely image for couple who plan to wed in Chicago, particularly those who will wed in the loop among the extraordinary buildings, which form our skyline.
What city do you think has the most beautiful skyline?
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