Friday, April 29, 2011

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Seann Cram
Seann Cram is a photographer. He typically uses Canon EOS digital cameras, or black and white 35mm film in a few old analog cameras. He shoots his surroundings, which tend to change often. All of his digital work is straight from the camera with no editing or Photoshop. 
Modern Art, 8x10 digital photograph, 2006, Seann Cram
What attracts you to photography as a medium?
It is kind of an odd question for me, what attracts me to the medium of photography, ever since I have known what a camera is I have wanted to take pictures with it. I received my first camera a Minolta 7xi (35mm SLR) during an exchange trip to Japan when I was fourteen years old, which is where I mark the beginning of my artistic photography pursuits. I create photographs because I am drawn to the idea of documentation, that a moment can be captured as it occurs. It’s like stopping time.
On The Lake, 8x10 digital photography, 2007, Seann Cram
Are there particular photographers who inspire your work?
I grew up with a mother who admires art and Ansel Adams was always an influence on her. Because of that there were always photography books from various photographers, which she collected, strewn about the house. I am not able to remember specific photographer’s names very well, but a lot of the natural and landscape photography in those books really inspired me. I was also exposed to a lot of National Geographic magazines as a child. Those images had a profound impact on how I look at the world. They made me want to be there and see the world as those photographers did. To document the nature around me and to understand the ecosystem and human experience through photography.
Night’s Pond, 8x10 digital photograph, 2009, Seann Cramm
What themes or styles do you hope to explore through future work?
Well right now I am exploring time-lapse photography, where I end up making short movies showing the night sky or the making of a good stew for example. An ongoing project that I begin whenever I move to a new area is creating a series of images that defines the communities I live in. I am moving to the West coast within the next year or so, which will take this project to the next level, as I live on the east coast right now. Being able to use my own images to juxtapose East Coast communities with West Coast communities is my next endeavor. 
Vermont Life, 8x10 digital photograph, 2007, Seann Cramm
Many thanks to Seann for sharing his work.

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