Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured Artist

Karen Hahn
Karen Hahn is primarily self taught artist.  She has been a practicing artist for 15 years.  She has been featured in two books, has been the subject of numerous news articles and her work is being collected in the U.S and abroad. She also shows and sells her work at fairs in festivals around the East coast.  She has also written and illustrated her own children's book, "Millicent and the Faraway Moon."  Karen hails from Trenton N.J and Buffalo N.Y but currently lives in Southeastern Pa. with her husband, daughter and 3 persnickety cats. 
Describe the inspiration behind your "People on the Couch" paintings.
The "People on the Couch Paintings" began as a whim, when I took what I thought was a funny photo at a family gathering. I then started to look at more candid snapshots belonging to myself and others for fodder for more paintings. I think that these photos are a more honest type of portraiture. I like depicting people relaxed and being themselves.
Are there particular artists who inspire your work? 
 Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo
Are there new themes or mediums you anticipate exploring in your upcoming work?
I have been painting my cows in Acrylic for about 5 years and have begun to miss the experience of painting with oil. I have already begun using oil again in a commissioned "People on the Couch" painting. I also plan a return to painting images that are a little more personal to me.

What do you think of Karen's whimsical paintings?
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