Friday, June 17, 2011

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Kathy McCartney
Kathy McCartney started drawing at the age of 5. She would draw people from her imagination or copy their likeness from photographs using pencil and charcoal. She entered art contests and won awards.  As an adult she experimented with watercolor and acrylic paints, then she discovered oil painting and this became her medium of choice. Kathy supported herself and young son working full-time.  Between work and raising her child she found for free moments to teach herself oil painting and techniques. She read books on the
subject, watched tapes and educational TV programs and began painting at home. In October 2000 Kathy found her art teacher Tom Anderson. Today, an accomplished artist, she has turned her art dream into a career and teaches oil painting classes to adults and has
a curriculum for children.
     “My desire is to share the joy of painting with others as a way to relax, express, and build confidence. I hope to reach individuals that have the desire to learn this colorful, flexible, long lasting medium.  My subject matter is something I call Tropical Expressions. These are images of tranquil oceans and lush terrain filled with brilliant, translucent colors.  As you paint you connect with the image and get lost in a state of wonderment. I want to share this magical experience with my students and people who view my artwork.” 

What made you fall in love with painting?
Bob Ross.  You know the man with the big hair and hypnotic gentle voice on PBS.  I have always enjoyed watching him create a painting in less than 30 minutes.  Bob Ross inspired me to take up oil painting.  Walt Disney inspired in me the idea of drawing, making magic with animation, and dreaming big.  Since I was a small child I loved to draw.  I have always been amazed with creating pictures all my life.   I find it fascinating to produce “something” out of “nothing,” much like a magician.  To bring out ideas from within to paper or canvas feels empowering.  When I switched from black and white drawings to painting in color, I found it challenging and hard to master.  I have discovered that painting and use of color is both scientific and intuitive.  There is a lot to learn and I feel like I am still growing today.

Are there particular artists who inspire your work? 
Paul Gauguin’s work I feel I really relate to as an artist.  There are many artists I admire, living and dead:  Walt Disney, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Frida Kahlo, Curtis Wilson, Lori Higgins, Kari McCarthy, Walfrido Garcia, William DeShazo, John Al Hogue, Steven Powers, Noelito, and many more.  I am particularly fond of other tropical artists.  The biggest inspiration for me is really Mother Nature and the Hawaiian Islands.  I used to live in Oahu, Hawaii as a small child and my creative internal compass points to this region, the needle is stuck.

Are there new themes or mediums you anticipate exploring in your upcoming work? 
I am an oil painter on canvas today and art teacher.  My next big challenge and adventure is to write books.  I am currently working on a few book ideas.  I love to write as well as to paint so here is an opportunity to express myself in both words and images.  The first book project, I have been working on for several years now.  It is about my personal artistic journey and beginnings in Hawaii.  The second book will be a children’s book.  Writing books is another challenging endeavor!  But that is what makes life interesting.  I’m always trying to grow and develop artistically.  Plus, I hope to generate other income streams doing what I love. 
Sincere thanks to Kathy McCartney for sharing her wonderful collection of oil paintings

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