Sunday, June 19, 2011

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Visiting Washington, DC
Over Memorial Day weekend I visited Baltimore for a friend's wedding and then to Washington, DC to spend a couple days with a dear friend.  I am extraordinarily fond of Baltimore, my one time home, so it was lovely to be back in the city.  I had a fantastic time exploring in DC as well.  There was a really lovely exhibit of wire sculpture portraits by Calder at the National Portrait Gallery.  We also made a visit to the Julia Child's kitchen at the American History Smithsonian.  A lovely morning was spent at Eastern Market (a farmer/flea market) and following morning exploring in Rock Creek Park.  I made this painting of the Key Bridge, which can be seen from Rock Creek Park.  I was struck by the lushness of Washington as well as the dramatic (by comparison to Chicago) topography!

What are your favorite sites to visit in Washington, DC?
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  1. Jane, glad you got to make a visit down south! I was in D.C. the weekend after Memorial Day--and visited the Eastern Market for the first time, and also went to a picnic at Rock Creek Park! too bad it was different weekends, or else I might have bumped into you!