Friday, July 1, 2011

Featured Artist

Alisha Koyanis
Alisha Koyanis has been creating since before she knew what create meant.  She loves creating new art and is inspired by those around me.  During the day, she works as an Art teacher.  She teaches grades K-8 and loves it.  Alisha works mainly with Acrylics, but she dabbles in many mediums.  She is an artist thinks she should experiment in all types of art.

Where do you find inspiration for your paintings?
Everywhere. Colors mainly attract me. Yes I am one of those that will buy the most mundane items just for their colorful packaging. My mother can be the one to blame for my obsession with color. At a very young age she would dress me from head to toe in the most colorful outfits and send me on my way. I was commonly referred to as “Punky” growing up for my mismatch rainbow outfits. Without her whimsical eclectic style and my boyfriends constant support I might not be the artist I am today.

Does your work as an art teacher influence your work?
Absolutely! I’ve never felt like such a rock star artist until I had students. They are always telling me what a great artist I am, even though many times I’m just scribbling doodles for them. Being an art teacher you really have to be thrifty with low budgets in order to come up with cool projects for the kids. They actually inspired my cardboard monsters. I had been collecting toilet paper rolls for them and had quite a collection at home. So one day when I was bored I grabbed a few of the rolls and just had at it. There is a lot of recycling common items into art when you’re an art teacher.

Are there new themes or mediums you anticipate exploring in your upcoming work?
Anything I can get my hands on that inspires me. I actually just bought an old 1980’s vintage Canon FT film camera that I found at a garage sale. I intend to bring it to Greece in a few weeks and try my hand at photography. I love the sound the classic shutters make as opposed to the new digital cameras they just don’t sound as cool.

Many thanks to Alisha for sharing her fantastic work.

What do you think of Alisha's whimsical, colorful paintings?
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