Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured Artist

Suzanne Nocera
This week we have a fantastic guest post by Suzanne Nocera of Torn Paper Studio.  She has put together demonstration of how she creates her ACEO (art card edition and original) paintings.  These paintings are studies in color and design that she paints before planning a larger painting.  Check out this inside view of how Sue creates small pieces of art! 
Step 1. Taping off size to paint miniature.
I paint to feel the warmth of sunlight and the blue coolness of moonlight, the softness of pink tulips or the freshly washed skins of green apples.
I paint because I’d simply rather do nothing else.
Step 2.  Simple leaves drawing.
Step 3.  Simple leaves aureolin wash.
My artwork begins with layers of poured paint. The process of pouring paint is methodical, yet mindlessly therapeutic for the soul.
Step 4. Simple leaves viridian wash.

The collage paintings are layers of paper and paint. Handmade & hand painted papers, fibers and inks play hide & seek in my collage paintings.
Step 5. Simple leaves negative paint of cobalt, ultramarine blue, and garnet lake.
    Textured papers of handmade organic elements meld color and shape together to entertain the viewer and please the soul.
Step 5.  Simple leaves pen & ink.
Many thanks to Suzanne Nocera for sharing her work.  Chicagoans, be sure to stop into Vale Craft Gallery over the summer to see four of her fine art collage paintings.

What do you think of these small scale creations?
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  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the creative process!