Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Cheap Eats in Chicago
This week I had dinner at Ghareeb Nawaz, a Indian-Pakistani restaurant on Devon in Chicago.  The name means 'sustainer of the poor, which is appropriate given that a meal for two with leftovers was $7.17 (with tax).  It's a no frills kind of place, the service is minimal, customers order and pay at the counter, the booths are basic and the tableware is limited to plastic utensils.

We had:
Veggie Biryani $2.00
Veggie Paratha $2.00
Tandoori Naan $.50
4 Potato Samosa ($.50 each) $2.00

The food was tasty, I particularly like the saucy Veggie Paratha, but mainly I was just perplexed by the volume of food for just over $7!

What are your favorite cheap eats? 
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  1. Jane, I cannot believe those prices! Here I thought Sultan's Market (my pick for cheap eats) was a deal at $4 for a spicy falafel pita. Sounds like an excellent value!