Sunday, July 24, 2011

Other Projects

New Blog Schedule
The summer has brought many new projects, which have consumed my waking hours and some of the hours when I should be sleeping!  Therefore,  for coming months I'm planning to switch to a "summer blog schedule."  On Mondays, I'm be continuing to update you on my progress on the Western Avenue series paintings.  The series is nearly halfway complete and I'm hoping to complete by the series by January 2012.  Stay tuned for updates as I make way north on Western and begin framing the painting in preparation to show the work in 2012. 
On Fridays, I hope to continue to feature the work of other artists.  If you would like to be featured or you know someone who you would like to see featured, please be in touch! On occasional Fridays, I'll be show something from one of the other projects consuming my time--a new wedding invitations or map, commissioned painting work, perhaps an architecture project, or something I concocted in the kitchen! 

Hope your summer has brought many exciting projects for you!
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