Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Artist

Cristina Jaco
Cristina Jaco was born in October 5th, 1976 in Goiânia-Goiás-Brazil. Graduated in Graphic Design in 2000, post graduated in Administration in 2004 and post graduated in Education in 2008.  She started drawing when she was a child and has never stopped. Since 1996 she has been working in web design.  And since 2010 she has been painting more seriously. Cristina intends to present her first art exhibition in 2011.
Auto-Retrato II, 35cmx25xcm, Aquarela, 2010

What inspires you about drawing and painting the human figure?
In fact it really doesn't matter if I'm painting the figure or a bird or an abstract composition. What inspires me are the color combinations, the line and the shapes. In the human figure we can find interesting shapes and all the elements are combined to form the image.

Retrato de Fazendeiro, 25cm x 35cm, aquarela papel montval, 2010 
You do a lot work with watercolor painting, what do you find to be the constraints and opportunities of the medium?
I've tried different techniques to produce my paintings. I've painted in oils, acrylics and I've drawn using pastel and other mediums, but watercolor was the most interesting challenge. I like the fluidity, the transparency and the drying speed of this medium. I also like the fact that it is on paper, I don't like canvas. Some people think because it is too fragile and water sensible it is difficult to master, but it really doesn't bother me. I believe I've found my medium and for the next paintings I'll explore watercolor combined to other materials, mixing drawing and painting, to produce some abstract pictures.
Galo de Campina I, 25cm x 35cm, aquarela papel montval, 2010
Who are some other Brazilian artists of note, who may not be familiar to readers is U.S.?
A great antique watercolorist was Debret, but I prefer the Cândido Portinari style, the strokes of Romero Britto and the shapes and textures of Tomie Ohtake.
Mankin, 50cm x 35cm, papel fabriano, 2010
More about Cristina in her own words:
I believe is is the artist's responsibility is to remain faithful to her vision and develop their skills in materials for which they chose to express themselves. It is about creating art that is believed, that her mind and soul cry out to create.

I make no distinction between representation and abstraction, and I'm not tied to any historical trend or tradition. I use various methods and processes to create my paintings. Sometimes the picture that I paint reflects reality more truthfully, sometimes I allow myself to paint freely without much concern with the real.

In the first half of 2010. I developed a series of works in watercolor, these paintings try to explore what attracts me most: the visual texture, the color contrasts, brightness, lightness, lines and well-defined shapes. I paint what pleases me aesthetically and try to express myself through these paintings. I see the world and give my point of view. Currently, I am in a phase of exploration of the material in conjunction with other techniques.

I like to paint common themes: people, animals, landscapes, still life and abstract compositions. I always try to observe the world around me to have more repertoire and push myself to work without losing vitality. My view is always changing and I keep looking for new
things to create.

For the next year, I will work on my first art exhibition!
Ave Pescando, 25cm x 18cm, aquarela papel montval, 2010
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us Cristina!  Be sure to visit Cristina's blog to see more of her work.

What do you think of Cristina's lovely paintings?
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