Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Studio Makeover
The space that I use to make art is a cozy corner in the back sunroom of my Chicago apartment.  There are lots of windows (north and east facing) so the light isn't bad and I recently acquire a cabinet for storage of various supplies.  Until recently though, the area was also cluttered with various overflow items from the kitchen: coffee maker, reused plastic bags, paper towels, etc.  As I've been spending increased hours in the space painting, blogging, and designing invitations, I decided to give the space a makeover.
My primary goals were pretty straight forward:
1.  Improve organization: provide better access to the materials I use regularly, get as much clutter as possible off of my desk allow much needed free space for working.
2.  Create a space conducive to creative endeavors: provide opportunities to display sources of inspiration on a temporary basis, be intentional about the visual environment (hopefully one which will no longer include a recycling bin and a container for dirty towels!).  
My studio makeover is, of course, modest in nature.  I'm very happy with the results though.  I find that I'm generally happier and my stress levels stay lower, when I keep my personal spaces organized, with trinkets that remind me of good memories.
Check out this flickr group featuring other art studio makeovers.  

What are the best components of your work space?
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