Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding Invitation

Spring Leaf Invitation

This invitation is a revision to a design created last spring, with thoughts of warmer weather, new life and delicate leaves.  I revisited this design recently modifying the colors, adding digital versions of the leaves to create contrast and using a darker background to offset the leaves.   

Spring and weddings seem to go together quite naturally .  So many couples wed in the spring.  In Chicago, where we experience long, cold winters, the first signs of spring are incredibly hopeful and for me elicit emotions such as elation and delight.  I love those first days of spring when Chicagoans wear shorts despite that fact the temperatures have only reached the high 60s, the sidewalks are jammed with people, and the trees are just beginning to show signs of life.  

What is the best thing about spring where you live?
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