Sunday, December 19, 2010

Other Projects

Chopping Onions and Garlic
So, chopping onions and garlic isn't really a project, it is just something that people who cook do, all the time.  Sometimes it can seem a bother, when I'm in a rush or when the onions cause extreme eye irritation.  For the most part though, I find the act to be a bit therapeutic.  There something satisfying for me in being quiet, accomplishing a menial task and enjoying the process that goes into cooking.  In reading Thich Nhat Hanh's Being Peace several years ago, I remember being particularly struck by his instruction to be present even when doing something such as washing the dishes or, perhaps, chopping onions.   

Soon after I moved to Chicago, I had the good fortune of receiving some basic "knife skills" tutoring from my friend Carlos, who is a professional chef.  His tips particularly as they related to chopping onions and garlic were of great value to me, so I thought I would share these instructional videos with you.  

Upon Carlos' suggestion, I purchased a Global Chef's Knife.  That knife has become my most valuable kitchen tool.  I had no idea that I could be so fond of a knife.  The knife's forged metal design (all one piece, handle and all) makes it lightweight, easy to clean and good for gripping.  I love the way it looks and, of course, it cuts extraordinarily well.  
I thought I was share my love of the global knife with you, in case you find yourself searching for a last minute Christmas gift for someone in your life who loves to cook.  

What is your favorite kitchen implement? 
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