Monday, January 24, 2011

Detail: El Capitan Theater

With love, to mauve? Gallery
This small painting features Mexcian Baroque architectural details of the El Capitan Theater in San Francisco.  It will be donated to the fundraising efforts of mauve? Gallery, located in Berkeley, California.  mauve? is run by Tarak Shah and featured artist, Sabina Nieto.   
mauve? is an small art gallery located in an empty cubicle in a typical office building--brilliant idea right!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if micro-galleries dotted the empty cubicles which are ever present in offices across our country.  Shah and Nieto report that the people working in the office in which mauve? is housed are researchers, data analysts and IT workers.  Though, at first blush, this environment might seem inhospitable to art, the reception has been quite warm, with the occupants of the office appreciative of art and even reporting their own forays into art production.  I was extraordinarily pleased to exhibit work at mauve? in 2009.   

mauve? is currently endeavoring to print a commemorative publication, "mauve? Journal," which will feature essays and images from their first two years.  They are aiming to print 1,000 copies which will be distributed at mauve? and other storefronts.  In the spirit of public radio stations across the country, your donation comes with a "thank you gift."  These gifts range from a copy of the publication, "a scheduled reading of your scars, via our practiced art of ouleimancy," a Yi-Jing tattoo, a love letter, and a piece of art work from a past exhibited mauve? artist. So, why not visit their kickstarter page to make a donation.  

Can you imagine a micro-gallery in your workplace?  
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