Friday, January 7, 2011

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Annette Haines
Annette Haines is an artist living in Plymouth, Michigan. She holds an Associates Degree in Commercial Illustration from the Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan. She also holds a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. Annette recently exhibited work in a group show entitled “From There to Here: the A&D International Exhibit” at the Slusser Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI.
Lake Michigan Sky, watercolor, Annette Haines, 2009
About Annette, in her own words...
I am a librarian and an artist. These two aspects of my life are intricately connected and feed one another.
Night Sky, Canada Lakes, woodblock print, 8"x9 1/2," Annette Haines, 2010
As an artist, I enjoy working with transparent watercolor pigments, which allow the whiteness and texture of the cotton rag paper to show through. I am fascinated with the connection paper has to nature, history, and books. I also like the dichotomy of paper as a material that will last for centuries and stretch as tight as a drum, yet also a one that can be torn to shreds or burned in an instant. Watercolor paint is the perfect complement to paper. I am mesmerized by it’s transparency, brilliance, and flow. Its unpredictable nature forces me to let go of control and work with the medium rather than force it.
A Walk With Henry, woodblock print, 7 3/8"x 14 1/4," Annette Haines, 2010
I am also experimenting with other media such as Japanese woodblock printing and bookmaking. I am attracted to the Japanese style of woodblock printing in part because it uses watercolors instead of oil-based inks. The style also meshes nicely with bookmaking. As a librarian I have a natural affinity for the book – its beauty, functionality and power. I am also learning to stretch the definition of a book and how it can be translated into alternative media such as video or sculpture. For example, I have begun work on a series of shrines. Making shrines is my way of creating visual poetry – something in between bookmaking and sculpture. My shrines are hopeful prayers offered up to those who are close to me as well as those whom I can only hold in my heart.
Bittersweet, woodblock print, 4"x6," Annette Haines, 2009 
Many thanks to Annette for sharing her work and bit about her inspiration.

What do you think of Annette's nature inspired paintings and prints?
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  1. LOVELY! The woodblock prints are brilliant. The colors are muted but rich, vibrant but quiet. Very, very nice.