Friday, May 6, 2011

Featured Artist

Harry Stooshinoff
Harry Stooshinoff has been painting, showing, and selling for over 30 years and he divides his time between painting and teaching.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Master of Fine Arts, and a Bachelor of Education.     

Mr. Stooshinoff describes his work in this way, "When I was a boy growing up in Saskatchewan, I used to look far into the distance and wish I had more trees around protect me and make the place feel less empty.     
     Now I have lots of trees around me, but I still like to look very far into the distance. 

It's a big, NOISY world...
So I make small, quiet paintings...

It makes a certain kind of sense."

Landscape Painting, March 30, 2010, 7.25"x6.5," Harry Stooshinoff 
"I wander the hills just north of Lake Ontario.

.....the end of March....went out like a lamb.....dry and warm."
Landscape Painting, Back Acres, 7.25"x6.5," 2010, Harry Stooshinoff 
".....the tree line forms the back property line....a very dry early spring day...the brilliant light of afternoon."
Landscape Painting, Forest Exit, 7.25"x6.5," 2010, Harry Stooshinoff
"....mid afternoon...exiting a large forest reserve....deserted country roads on a perfect summer day."
Summer, Field, 7.25"x6.5," 2010, Harry Stooshinoff
"......walking down a road I don't usually take....late afternoon with the blue hills in the distance."

Many thanks to Harry Stooshinoff for sharing his beautiful paintings.

What do you think of this series of intimate small landscapes?
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