Thursday, May 19, 2011

Featured Artist

Barbara Rosenzweig
Barbara Rosenzweig studied at Philadelphia's School Art League, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Tyler School of Fine Arts. During her 36 years as a science teacher at the Upper Moreland Middle School in Hatboro, PA, her philosophy was to instill a deep joy for learning, along with an appreciation of the natural world. As an artist, she creates vividly colored watercolors inspired by the flowers in her gardens. Her extensive travels also afford her endless subjects to paint.
Strawberries, Jelly Jar, & Shakers, watercolor, 8"x10," Barbara Rosenzweig
More about Barbara in her own words, "I love gardening outside of Philly, PA, have been doing it for over 40 years, and love each flower's intense colors and textures! I have absolutely no choice but to try to capture their beauty in my watercolors. Travel, too, gives me inspiring landscapes to paint. I'm a mom to two grown daughters and a wife to a man who puts up with all of the time I devote to painting. 
Eggs & Bowls, watercolor, 11"x14," Barbara Rosenzweig
Throughout my adult life, whether dishes were piled high in the sink or papers needed to be graded , I took time out to indulge my creativity. In winter, I have perpetual sunshine in my studio. The reason? The rest of the year, I take photos of my flowers and travels to paint all winter long. The rest of the year, continue to paint. What a wonderful way to spend a lifetime! 
Anjou Pears, watercolor, 11"x14," Barbara Rosenzweig
Watercolors express my joy and love of nature's vitality! Bright, vivid colors are what excite me most when I paint! At times, I like to express the peace that comes when I'm immersed in a magnificent landscape.
Strawberries & Silver Salt Shakers, watercolor, 8"x10" Barbara Rosenzweig
Many thanks to Barbara for sharing her fantastic paintings.

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