Friday, May 27, 2011

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Devika Keskar
Devika Keskar has always created opportunities in her life to keep the artistic and creative flame in her burning.  She was born and raised in India, and had an early and enduring interest in art.  After getting a degree in Architecture, she moved to the United States where she earned a degree in Urban Design.  While working as an architect Devika continued to develop her artistic skills and vision.  Her artistic endeavors have been numerous, experimenting with pottery and ceramics, oil painting as well as painting and stenciling children's furniture.  Recently, a long stay in India provided Devika the opportunity to reconnect with her desire to create art.

What techniques do you typically use when you are painting?
I use a lot of layering in my paintings.  Sometimes I use different materials like butter paper and/or newspaper to create the layers, while at other times its many many washes of color one on top of the other, which give my work depth and a multi-layered look.  Stippling, scratching, dripping are all very much part of my work too!
Are there particular artists who inspire your work?  
There are so many great artists whose work I admire very much.  One who comes to mind right away is contemporary Indian artist Anki Khurana.  The organic nature of her work and the fluidity in it is awesome.
Are there new themes or mediums you anticipate exploring in your upcoming work?
At some point in time I want to experiment with encaustic (hot wax) painting.  Also, I'd like to work on a series of modern abstract paintings loosely based on traditional Indian sari designs.
Many thanks for Devika for sharing her work.

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  1. Enduring use of colors , very vibrant and eye
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