Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar
This new invitation design features another variation on the flowers and mason jar theme I have explored in recent invitations.  This design was created for a couple who will marry in a Sadorus, a village in rural Illinois, with a population of 416 people. 
Wild flowers in a mason jar seem the ideal decor for an elegant wedding in a small town, on a summer evening.  
Christina of Intimate describes mason jars as "the unsung heroes of weddingland."  On that website there is an article describing how to make DIY flower bouquets in hanging mason jars.  So, many fantastic combination of flowers and perhaps many more possibilities for invitation designs. 
What do you use mason jars for?
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  1. Simply beautiful invitation:) I usually stick flowers in mason jars too.

  2. Jane,

    I love your invitation! I am doing wild flowers in mason jars at my wedding. Can I request a sample of your invitation and do you take orders?

    Cristina 703-203-3963