Friday, May 13, 2011

Featured Artist

Michelle Prahler
Michelle Prahler was born in the Detroit area.  Her artistic talent was encouraged by many members of her family who included a muralist, botanical painter and clothes designer.  After graduating with a BFA from Michigan State University she became a Graphic Designer for ten  years. 
In 2002 Michelle transferred her skills from designing such things as book covers and toy packaging to creating works of art.  She now creates oil paintings on wood with collage elements.   You can see her work at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama or Young Blood in Atlanta, Georgia.  She lives and works in Decatur, Georgia.
More about Michelle's work, in her own words, "The paintings start with a drawing that has continuous line work, it is transferred to wood.  Then there is a watercolor wash applied over some areas to let the wood grain show through."
"The next step incorporates a variety of different papers applied to the surface such as maps, origami papers and magazines.  After that, the drawing is outlined in liquid acrylics, then the rest of the color work is finished with oils.  The whole work is completed with a coating of high gloss polymer varnish."
Many thanks to Michelle for sharing her oil paintings.

What do you think of these mixed medium creations?
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